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Earn up to £7740 Extra a Month...

From: Steve Hudson

First of all Thank You for investing in AccaTipster!

I'm super excited about us beating the bookies together this season
with our accumulator bets.

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Should you wish to DOUBLE your potential profits I have put together
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b). Super easy to follow - You don't need to place a lot of bets.

This is a singles bet service, so compliments the acca service well and gives you a nice portfolio of tips to bash the bookies with!

Introducing... The Greatest Hits Tipster Service

I've spent my entire adult life looking for winners.

After a few years you develop a good instinct for separating the wheat from the chaff.

With the kind permission of my publishers I've been given access our Network of Tipsters and create a shortlist of our very best bets.

If you have had any experience of tipsters you know they have their off days.

Sometimes things just seem to go from bad to worse.

I've seen even the best tipsters, ones who I respect immensely lose their head and give out bets they really shouldn't be giving.

With the Greatest Hits service, you get a layer of protection, a shortlist of the best tips, with no chances taken, just solid information.

I determine the shortlist taking different factors in to consideration. I will look at the usual football stats, but i'm more interested in delving a bit deeper.

For example a 0-0 game with 20 shots on target and the woodwork hit three times isn't the same statistic as a 0-0 game with just 2 shots on target.

Mistakes like these happen all the time in football tipping. I like to call them "Lazy Bets". There is far more to football tipping than the bare form.  

The bookies know the obvious pointers, you need to go beyond that to stand a chance.

With the Greatest Hits tips you get an excellent shortlist of the very best bets of the week.

This is delivered in one email and is super simple to follow and profit with.

With this Extra weekly email You have the Opportunity to DOUBLE your profits...

The Greatest Hits football tipster service designed for those who want to make big profits with minimal effort. 

This is all about quality and this handy shortlist gives you an effortless way of backing the best bets of the week.

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The Greatest Hits
Football Tips Service Gives You...

More Profit

Up to £18,000+ Extra in Profit

High Strike Rate

Forget long losing runs, we win 65% of tips

Easy to Follow

Tips sent via email. Only takes 15 mins a week to follow!

Premier League Specialist

Excellent profits on the top leagues of Europe.

Best of the Best

Highly selective premium football tips. The very best bets each week.

Full Support

We put YOU first. Any help you need we will be there.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. In the unlikely event that our profitable tips service is not for you we are happy to refund you 100% with no questions asked. 


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